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Do your students struggle with handwriting?

Do your students have illegible handwriting?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, this is the handwriting system for you! Because students spend much of their day producing written work, legible handwriting is essential to student achievement. When students write fluently and legibly, scholastic performance is enhanced.

Kids love learning
to write with
Write-On Handwriting!

Our curriculum improves student handwriting

Our handwriting curriculum teaches children to write letters fluently and accurately. Write-On Handwriting has developed a revolutionary teaching method that integrates audio and visual cues with interactive computer- and paper-based drills. When letter formation becomes automatic, writing becomes effortless.

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Our program:
  • Emphasizes correct letter formation
  • Uses basic directional terms
  • Addresses spatial components
  • Captures and maintains student attention

What Teachers are Saying

My first grader has already been complimented by his teacher on how much his handwriting has improved. My 3rd and 5th grader [use Conquering Cursive] about 10 minutes a day and they also have made improvements. My 5th grader has some major problems with handwriting and motor development. I'm excited about his progress because he's had bad habits of writing letters and numbers from bottom to top - now he is improving. I'm shocked at how many students at our school have handwriting problems and how many of them go backwards when forming their letters.

Jones Valley Elementary Huntsville, AL

My students use the program during Center Time. All my students have benefited from using Write-On Handwriting products. Write-On Handwriting products provide teachers, tutors and students with consistent language and direction to form letters and numbers correctly and efficiently. The multi-sensory approach allows the students to listen to the language of letter formation while they see the letter formed. Then the students are given opportunities to practice and receive immediate feedback.

Carolyn Kilgour Elementary School Cincinnati, OH
Write-On Handwriting

Write-On Handwriting