Students learn to write words

by first learning to write letters
Who We Are

Write-On Handwriting – started by two women in 2002 – was the first handwriting company to create a software solution to teach students to write letters and numbers and to aid teachers in the classroom and parents in the home.

We are passionate about helping children, learning inside & outside the classroom, and providing quality products to the market!

What We Do

We are constantly striving to find ways to provide teachers and parents with the tools to help children learn to write fluently and legibly. We know that students still spend much of their school day handwriting in all subject areas and that legibility affects both self esteem and grades.

Our products are based on research and years of experience working with students and providing effective handwriting curriculum to educators and parents. 

Why We Do It

Almost unanimously, teachers indicate that students should learn both manuscript and cursive writing because of
1. the cognitive benefits in spelling, grammar & punctuation
2. the influence on reading, writing, language and critical thinking
3. the increased brain activation
4. the positive impact on performance across all academic subjects.

Handwriting is one of the most important skills that children acquire and use throughout the school years as part of their occupation as students.

(Preminger, F., Weiss, P.L.., & Weintraub, N., 2004)

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