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Complete Multi-Sensory Handwriting Curriculum

Conquering Cursive™ App for iPad


Multi­sensory handwriting apps that make learning to write fun!

Conquering Cursive is a developmentally sound app supported by research and years of educational experience. Our app fully engages students through multi­sensory instruction of letter and number patterns. The design is age neutral, provides both instruction and practice modes, and is suitable for all learners.

Our app uses simple letter formations and easy to understand terminology to explain the letter patterns. This way, schools using other handwriting workbooks can still use the App for iPad by Write­On Handwriting. Students learn to recognize and write cursive letters.

Conquering Cursive product lines provide teachers instructional tools and students learning options

Multi­sensory Instruction

  • Kids hear and see the letter or number pattern ­ multi­sensory
  • Arrows reinforce the pattern
  • Kids trace to write the formation
  • Kids have option to practice the letter or number once Learn mode is completed

Key Features

  • Multi­ sensory learning via audio and visual instructions
  • Directional arrows reinforce letter and number pattern
  • Practice screen provides several opportunities to write letter or number pattern
  • Immediate visual and auditory feedback
  • Positive visual and auditory reinforcement
  • Progress monitoring of successful letter and number pattern writing
  • Personalize learning through menu screens

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