Powerful Printing™ Digital Workbook Software



  • student-guided, multi-sensory computer software teaches correct print letter and number patterns
  • same letter groupings and instructional language as paper workbooks
  • students learn lower case and upper case letters and numerals
  • students learn letters in grouped by the initial pencil stroke (for example the curve group consists of c, a, d, g, o, q, s)
  • use simple letter formations and easy to understand terminology to explain the letter patterns
  • compatible to use with other handwriting workbooks
  • system requirements for PC is Windows 98 and greater and for MAC OS10 and greater
  • software application runs in Flash Player (free Flash plug-in required)

Single Station license: you may install and use this Software on the hard disk of a single standalone computer within a single building only.
Returns: Software may only be refunded if not downloaded. 

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